Puppy Development Program

There’s No Traffic on the Extra Mile

Our Puppy Development Program is truly one of a kind. We go above and beyond to set you and your puppy up for long term success. Just like our obedience training for adult dogs, we don’t settle for “good enough”. We go beyond the average in order to teach your puppy all of the essential life skills they will need to thrive.

Start Your New Puppy Off Right!

The first months of a puppy’s life are crucial to their development. From 3 to 16 weeks old a puppy will become increasingly aware of their surroundings as well as begin to develop social skills. Boundaries will be tested and lasting impressions made. It is extremely important to create positive experiences with people, other animals, objects like the vacuum cleaner, car rides etc. Without these positive experiences a puppy can easily develop irrational fears or unwanted behaviors that can last a lifetime and create serious behavior issues later in life.

The Puppy Development Program gets your new puppy started off on the right track early on. In addition to properly socializing your puppy you will also learn how to address common issues such as potty training, crate training, play biting and chewing. We then begin to work on relationship building exercises, building drive and attentiveness, and an introduction to obedience. This program is designed to be extremely thorough and to prepare your puppy for obedience training. Rather than waiting until a puppy is old enough for training, we take a proactive role in shaping behaviors you want, curbing behaviors you don’t and teaching skills that will be crucial later on. We teach your puppy how to learn and set them up for success in the process.

Once your puppy is old enough to start obedience training, completion of the Puppy Development Program entitles you to $200 off our Residency Obedience Training Program.

What’s Included

How to prepare for a new puppy.

We walk you through all of the equipment you will need to raise your new puppy in the most effective and efficient manner. Everything is covered from types of leashes/collars/harnesses, food/treats, best type of crate to use, types of toys and more.

How to potty train your puppy.

You will learn our method of house/potty training that has proven itself over the last decade and a half to be extremely quick and effective.

How to crate train your puppy.

Crate training is an essential skill for a new puppy. It aids with potty training, prevents them from getting into things they shouldn’t (which can be a safety hazard at times!) and helps them learn to be calm and content when left alone.

How to manage your puppy in the home.

Next to potty training, the aspect of raising a puppy that many find the most difficult is dealing with puppy behaviors like play biting, chewing, jumping, barking, etc. You will learn how to effectively manage and redirect these behaviors in a way that also allows for the puppy to learn and explore their environment in a natural but safe and healthy way.


Socialization for a new puppy is critical to insure that they are set up for success in the world. We show you how to properly introduce your puppy to new dogs, people, places and things. A properly socialized puppy is much better at adapting to new things and situations that life will inevitably throw their way.

How to handle your puppy.

An often overlooked aspect of raising a puppy is teaching them to accept being physically handled. We teach them to happily accept having their mouth and ears looked at, their paws messed with and overall being comfortable with being handled and restrained. In addition we walk you through exactly how to prepare your puppy for trips to the vet and groomer in order to create the most positive experience possible.

Teaching your puppy to focus and learn.

Puppies are like little sponges. They soak everything up. During their first four months of age they are constantly exploring their environment and testing things out to see what brings them reward and what doesn’t. We capitalize on this inquisitiveness in order to cultivate a relationship between you and your puppy. By controlling what stimulates and rewards your puppy we can allow them to self learn in a sense that the best things in life flow through you. Once they pick up on that concept you won’t feel like you have to compete for your puppy’s attention, they will voluntarily give it to you because they want to.

Introduction to obedience

One of the things that really sets our Puppy Development Program apart is the fact that we don’t wait until the puppy is “old enough” to start training. They are ready to learn the day you bring them home. During the course of the program Your puppy will learn all of the commands that we teach and build on during our Residency Program for dogs 5 months and older.

Commands learned during the Puppy Development Program:

  • Recall Command
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Place
  • Heel

How it works

Our Puppy Development Program was designed to fill a much needed gap in the dog training industry. The goal is to set your puppy up for lifelong success right from the start, as well as effectively prepare your puppy for obedience training should you choose to continue on your puppy’s training journey after successfully completing the puppy program. All facets of living with, raising and training a puppy are covered in a thorough and easy to understand manner. We are so committed to your puppy’s success that we even provide most of the equipment that you will need.

The Puppy Development Program is conducted via 8 full day sessions. Once a week you drop your puppy off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. You will need to allow for at least 30-45 minutes during the pick up for us to teach you what your puppy learned during the day, as you will be practicing and refining those lessons until the next week. This way you get to take a large role in the training process, but we still do a good bit of the heavy lifting for you.

Puppy Development Program


8 days of Training

8 private coaching sessions

Potty training and crate training

Socialization around people, animals and objects

Addresses common issues such as potty training, play biting, chewing and crate training

Introduction to obedience training

After successful completion receive $200 off of obedience training

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