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Setting up an evaluation for your dog is the first step to a life of freedom and fulfillment for you and your dog. It all starts here. All evaluations are conducted at our location and are 100% free. I do not believe in charging for my evaluations. They give me the opportunity to meet with you and your dog in person so that I can get a good feel for what you are dealing with and how I can best help. They also allow you to meet me and get to know me as a trainer before you commit. It only takes about an hour and regardless of whether you sign up or not, you’ll learn a ton.

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Almost two decades of constant learning, improving and finding better and more effective ways to help people and their dogs.

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Praxis: 1. (Noun) Translating an idea into action

No amount of knowledge or education can compare to putting in the work. I have spent my career putting my knowledge of dog behavior into practice and putting training theories to the test, and continue to do so.

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