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I have spent the last 16 years learning, experimenting, adapting and improvising dog training methods. Over the years I have fine tuned my approach into what it is today. After having tried just about every method out there I kept all of the things that worked in my toolbox, and threw out everything that didn’t.

When people come to me it’s because their dog has a problem and they need it fixed. Often the problem is so severe that it is causing larger issues in the household due to the stress it has brought about. I do not waste people’s time and money, this training is designed to get results each and every time.

It’s worked wonders for dogs with aggression towards people or other dogs as well as food aggression or possessiveness. It’s helped build confidence in dogs with anxiety, stopped destructive behaviors like chewing or digging, stopped dogs from running away or not coming when called, fixed unwanted behaviors like jumping or excessive barking and much, much more.

Because this program is so effective, the possibilities are endless. Upon it’s completion you will have the confidence to let your dog just be a dog and enjoy life. They will be responsive to commands on and off leash, calm and well behaved in the home and respectful of you and the rules and boundaries you have set for them.

I make you this promise.

I frequently compare finding a good dog trainer to finding a good mechanic. Often times you don’t know how good they are until after they do the work. About half of the dogs that I train have been to one or more other trainers before coming to me. It’s appalling to me the amount of money people have spent to get negligible results or worse, have the dog behaving worse than before. I have never left a dog owner hanging that still needed my help, and I don’t intend to ever do so. This is something that sets me apart and you can ask any of my previous clients, if they call me down the road because they had an issue pop back up or they are struggling with something I am going to help them. I am here for you. My job isn’t just to teach your dog some commands, but to make sure you get lasting results for the rest of your dog’s life.

If you enroll in one of my training programs, you will get results and I will work with you however long I need to in order to ensure your success.

Here is why this training program works so well and can fix your dog’s behavior problems as well as helping them reach high levels of obedience in a short time

Addresses the problem from the ground up. Something that often goes overlooked in dog training is the root cause of an issue. Whatever behavior issues your dog has will be dealt with at the source. Many trainers only treat the symptoms, we will change the mindset and the emotion behind those symptoms that are causing the problem in the first place.

Customized to your dog’s specific needs and personality. While this program is very well refined and best practices are in place, each and every dog will require subtle differences in the approach. Some dogs need a ton of positive reinforcement, others are more willing to work and too much praise leads to over excitement. This program is designed in a way that takes into account your dog’s strengths and weaknesses and uses them to our advantage.

Full proof approach that sets your dog up for success. Communication is crucial in dog training. You cannot expect your dog to perform an action or obey a command if they don’t fully understand it. We create a solid foundation by teaching your dog how to learn, how to earn rewards and how to figure out what you want. From there we build on each lesson, mastering the basics before moving on to more advanced concepts.

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“Everything about Jeff is awesome! We have a boxer who at the time of training was 9 months. He was not fun to walk, he would jump all over people when they entered the home, wouldn’t do simple commands like sit. We had a newborn and had to do something! We put him through the pet smart training and it did nothing. After two weeks with Jeff and his residency program he is a changed dog! We couldn’t ask for a better dog. He now walks great on the leash and even better off! He. No longer jumps on people and sit is really no longer something I have to ask it’s just something he does most of the time!”

Samantha M.

“We use Paradigm K9 for our German Shepherd puppy training. What stands out is Jeff’s willingness to be supportive of our puppy training via phone with questions as well as his demonstrated professional training methods. He is knowledgeable about different breeds and their unique traits. He has a plan to ensure training is effective and very rewarding. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone wanting an objective, professional to work with you and your dog for a successful partnership.”

Erin H.

“Jeff was absolutely wonderful to work with and provided the results we were looking for! Thank You!.”

Shannon A.