About Me


My name is Jeff Thomson and I have been training dogs for over a decade. In 2005 I attended National K9’s School for Dog Trainers and became certified as a professional dog trainer. That was just the beginning however. Since then I have learned, adapted and evolved into the dog trainer that I am today.¬†Helping people with their dogs is a passion for me. I firmly believe that every dog can be a well behaved companion, and my mission is to help that belief become a reality for you.

Simply put, my training just works. I use a gentle and fair approach that helps your dog understand what is expected of them. But training is so much more than just getting your dog to sit on command. What good is the training if Fido only sits sometimes, or won’t stay put when told to do so? Not only do I promise results, I promise peace of mind. You will know that when Fido is taking off after that squirrel, he will stop and sit when you tell him to. The first time, every time.

¬†Each dog is different, and my training reflects that. No two training programs will be identical. I am constantly reading and assessing the dog’s behavior and adapting the training as needed. This is why all of my trainings are private, one-on-one sessions with you and your dog.

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