Meet Our Staff

Jeff Thomson

Jeff Thomson is the owner and founder of Paradigm K9 and has been a professional dog trainer for over 12 years. In 2005 he attended National K9’s School for Dog Trainers and earned their Master Trainer certification. That was just the beginning however. He has traveled the country, learning and collaborating with some of the best trainers in the industry. It is because of this continued desire to find new and better ways to improve the lives of dogs and their owners that He and the trainers of Paradigm K9 have been able to help countless dogs that were previously thought to be beyond hope.

Many who are familiar with Jeff are also very familiar with his personal dogs Gibbs and Frankie, who frequently accompany him to training sessions with clients and assist in many of those sessions.

Kel Henninger

Kel is a woman of many talents. She is an artist, known for her drawings, paintings and murals. Not only that but in 2016 she started her own wildly successful dog walking business. Kel mentored under Jeff for a year before joining Paradigm K9 as a trainer. Clients instantly connect with Kel largely due to her sense of humor and down to earth personality. She continues to learn and grow as a trainer, both by travelling to seminars and workshops and Jeff’s continued coaching.

Heather Lay

Heather Lay a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Social Work degree. She has never been without a household pet dog since the day she was born. Her path to becoming a dog trainer began as a client of Paradigm K9. Heather came to Paradigm K9 seeking help with her formally out of control Old English Sheepdog. Jeff Thomson was so impressed with her natural ability and dedication throughout the training process that he offered her a position with Paradigm K9 as a trainer. Excited for the opportunity to help other owners the way she herself had been helped, Heather began mentoring under Jeff. Countless hours of learning and training later, she has become an excellent and capable trainer that excels at helping owners develop a happy and healthy relationship with their dog.