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The power Of Our Training

Stop Unwanted Behaviors

No more jumping, pulling on the leash, excessive barking, you name it! Enjoy your dog without having to deal with poor manners or inappropriate behaviors.

Reliable obedience

Experience the joy and freedom of on and off leash obedience. In the real world and around distractions, the quality of your training is the only thing that counts.

Guaranteed Results, unrivaled support

Our results are a testament to our training and we stand by our work. Often our training outcomes are the only advertisement we need.

My dog Needs:

Puppy Training

For puppies between 8-16 weeks old

Obedience Training

For dogs 4 months and older

Aggression Rehab

For dogs and owners struggling with aggressive or reactive behavior

we are Paradigm K9

Our training goes far beyond “good enough”. We don’t do average. Exceptional results demand going the extra mile.

Our Training Process has been tested and proven

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