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Proudly providing obedience training and behavior problem solving to dogs and their owners in Columbus, Ohio as well as surrounding areas.

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Change your dog’s life for the better

Stop bad behaviors for good
No more barking, jumping, pulling you name it! Enjoy the company of your dog without having to deal with inappropriate behaviors or poor manners.

Experience the joy and freedom of off leash training
Every dog we train becomes reliable both on and off leash. No more having to restrict your dog’s freedom.

Build a stronger relationship with your dog
The training we provide allows you to build a bond with your dog that you never thought possible. We create a line of communication through training that develops immense trust and respect.

Jeff and his crew are fantastic trainers!!! Recommend them 110%!!! We had a wild coonhound mix who was a runner and surfed the counters. She is so loving she smothered every visitor with kisses. She is still her loving self just with structure and discipline. We are now able to hike and camp, off leash, with no worry!

-Liz S.

Jeff is an amazing dog trainer. He took my dog Zeke, who is an Australian Shepherd that was laser focused on herding cars, trucks, bikes and people. Jeff taught Zeke to focus on me. I became the one he was interested in. Zeke is a pleasure to walk and his in-house manners are stellar. Zeke goes to his place and stays while we eat or if someone comes to the door. So thank you Jeff it is great working with you!!

-Deborah O.

Really thankful for business owners like Jeff. Easy to trust good people. Jeff was honest with us from the first conversation we had. It was obvious.

As for Moose. He is doing awesome. Several family members and friends have commented on how well behaved he is.

-Ben M.

Don’t wait another day. The rest of your dog’s life starts here.

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